Abomination resummoned every Julra dungeon level -- bug or intended?

Hello, community!

I know the devs are super-busy right now with the multi launch around the corner, so I’m asking you, fellow players, about an issue I had during the crash the server party.

Long story short: I was playing permanent Abomination, summoned solely based on skellies. My problem was during the Julra dungeon, because every level Abom was resummoned and (obviously) lost all buffs (from the skellies) and the permanance (not decaying life).

So was this something the devs intended? Maybe a sort of fix to snapshotting? Or was this a bug? Either way, that build was nullified and kinda bummed me out a bit.
But hopefully it will get fixed with 0.9

Thank you for the feedback.

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Intended. All minions get resummoned when you change zones.

Bummer. Oh well, rip that build against Julra :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info.

Might be intended, but it could also be improved, at the very least keep track of “summon state” and recreate it. Otherwise it utterly breaks abomination, at least this combination of skills, since it happens on any zone change.