Abomination losing abilities while transitioning areas

On some transitions to new areas (waypoints, next level in julra dungeon), abomination follows you but loses all abilities, as if it was summoned with unspecced skill - is weaker, doesn’t cast devouring souls, etc.

Additional info - it also behaves the same way in other dungeons. Abomination actually plays death animation for a second while leaving area and resummons itself in new area in its weak state.

And this happens consistently every time you transition with it? Not in monolith.

Yes its annoying. You need quick respawn skeletons and skeletal mages then feed to abomination to enable buffs again. Happened to me in Soulfire Bastion. In monolith all works fine.

Not in monolith, only transitions that ‘resummon’ minions. Two I identified so far are going to next level in dungeons and using map waypoints. Dungeon being the most annoying one - have to resummon abomination on start of floor 1, floor 2, before boss room.

Also having this issue, very annoying during campaign, almost to monoliths

Confirming it doesn’t happen in Monoliths, but does if you tp to end of time town wp