Abomination is decaying with Age of Undead

If you summon Abomination with item that gives +maximum # of skeletons (eg. unique ring Hollow Finger) and then remove one of the items which increases maximum # of skeletons, Abomination starts to decay.

Is that intended or a bug?

Technically it is just inconvenience for summoning, because Summon Skeletons with Immortal node (40% chance to resummon after 3s) can still give you chance to assemble Abomination from 20 minions.

ran into the same problem today. totally agree with you. i could just sit there and respawn the abomination till i am lucky and get 20 skeletons in it.

It’s not a bug. Press alt, when hovering over Age of Undead node. There is a line that says, when your maximum number of skeletons decreases, abomination starts decaying.

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