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Abomination Dead Eye CRS

I’ve been messing around with Assemble Abomination nodes and noticed that Corrupt Palate Scales with CRS (Cooldown Recovery Speed). The tooltip notes that by default the cooldown is 6 seconds so you would assume that it would work with CRS. After using Corrupt Palate and how horrible it felt I wanted to switch it up and noticed Dead Eye. Knowing that Corrupt Palate scaled with CRS I assumed that Dead Eye would as well even though it’s worded differently, as it states that Arrow Nova on a 4 second cooldown. The node Dead eye says that it’s the Abomination that casts just like Corrupt Palate so I give it a try,

After Testing with no CRS, 118% from my idols, 60% from Horrific Volley and then finally with both 118% Idols and the 60% from Horrific Volley, I can now say that CRS does nothing for Dead Eye and I was wondering if that is working as intended?

I have not tried Shattered Simulacrum as it would require me to Give up the Age of undeath node. It should state in the tooltip as they don’t work together, as it does for other nodes for other classes. Shattered Simulacrum also doesn’t say Cast Stomp but says uses Stomp.

As a huge side note, please improve the pet AL as a lot of the time my abomination is either just running in to monsters and gets stuck because he can’t reach his target and gets blocked. or drifts around monsters in a circle from time to time.

I’d assume that it’s because it’s not “casting” the Arrow Nova it’s a thing that happens every X seconds & you can increase the frequency with the next node (like Devouring Orb has a node to increase the firing frequency but increased cooldown only affects how frequently you can cast Devouring Orb)

Horrific Volley is increased frequency, not increased cooldown. Given that difference, I’d assume it’s intended.

I though that would be the case as well, but you never know until you ask.

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Im using both the Arrow Nova and also the Hungering Souls due to lvl 22 Abomination. I also stacked a few idols of CDR for Minions but couldnt really tell, the Hungering Souls seemed slightly faster but the Nova didnt but did no testing as it wasnt impactful enough anyway to see

It is casting it as autocast, it has a cooldown recovery node built it. it should work. It is a Minion and its based off a cooldown…theres also a node that casts Hungering. The Abom definitely stops to cast it

It’s “casting” it in the same way that Devouring Orb “casts” Abyssal Orb when there are valid targets nearby & that also has a frequency node (not CDR) that affects it’s rate of fire (as I said earlier).

Increased frequency & Increased CDR are two separate modifiers that get to the same place (#### happens quicker) assuming the thing has been coded to use one or tother. It’s kinda like crit avoidance & less bonus damage taken from crits (though that’s imperfect metaphor since they both affect the same thing in different ways).

Frequency != CDR.