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Abomination Arrow Nova cooldown doesn't scale with frequency or cooldown reduction

In my attempts to use the Abomination’s skill node “Dead Eye” for extra damage, I noticed its cooldown doesn’t scale with either the following node “Horrific Volley” or with idols with increased minion cooldown recovery speed.
Using a timer, I counted 4 seconds between each cast with both of those enabled (skill nodes and ~120% cooldown recovery speed from idols).

I’m honestly surprised no one seems to have reported this before.

You need to re-summon minions for nodes in their skill tree to take effect. Did you summon your Abomination then change the skill points without re-summoning it?

No, I already had the nodes allocated when I summoned the abomination.

Minion cooldown shouldn’t affect the frequency of the arrows (since it’s frequency, not cooldown). With 4 points in Deadeye you should be getting arrows every 2.5s (4 / 1.6) which should still be a very noticeable change.

Are you sure about that? Regular cooldown reduction works for both skills and spells, and I haven’t yet seen an exception to this apart from subskills.
The arrow nova description specifically mentions a cooldown of 4 seconds, and based on the interactions in the rest of the game, I don’t see any reason for cooldown reduction not to work here.
Besides, the hungering souls ability triggered by the abomination is reduced by minion cooldown reduction. Why the inconsistency?

Yes, an example of the difference in wording would be Devouring Orb using cooldown for the skill & frequency for the Abyssal Orb firing rate. Also, Arrow Nova is a subskill (since you don’t cast it directly).

It doesn’t say cooldown, it says “If a Skeletal Archer is absorbed, your abomination casts Arrow Nova every 4 seconds”, the next node then refers to frequency.

Why, I don’t know. But there is no Devouring Souls frequency node plus I presume it only ever casts Devouring Souls when there are enemies within range compared to Arrow Nova being cast all the flaming time(!) like Devouring Orb’s Abyssal Orbs, even when there are no valid targets in range. So I’d say that the inconsistency is with Arrow Nova being autocast compared to Hungering Souls not.

Fair enough, I didn’t know about Devouring Orb being a similar case.

Also, Arrow Nova is a subskill (since you don’t cast it directly).

It’s a subskill for you, but a primary skill for the abomination, the latter to which the cooldown reduction applies directly. I still find it weird, but I guess it works more like a passive ability than an active one. So sure, let’s say that addresses half of my issue.

I recorded a video with 4 point in Deadeye (60% frequency, should be every 2.5s) & was getting arrows every ~3.16s. So while Deadeye does appear to work, it’s certainly not giving the correct bonus.

This is a known issue that has been resolved internally - Arrow Nova’s base cooldown was set to 5 seconds when it’s intended to be 4 seconds.

Thanks for the report!

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