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Abomination and equip change

Hi there,

I am not sure if this is already known, if it’s a bug or a feature, but I couldn’t find a topic about it, so I’ll start one.

If you change equipment after summoning your abomination, the abomination doesn’t get affected by the change (beside one exeption, see below), it just keeps the stats gained from the “summoning equipment”. This also applies to skill points that get lost because of the equip change. Together with the Age of Undeath passive this can be abused quite heavily:

You put together a nice summoning equip with lots of + Skills to Abomination/ minion damage and with that you summon your abomination. After that you switch to your personal defensive gear and voilà - you’ve got an insanely strong permanent level 26 (or so) Abomination that wrecks anything coming in it’s path, while having all options for your personal gear and being tanky.

For example you could wear a Death Rattle amulet during summoning, switch to Orian’s Eye afterwards and the Abomination would still benefit from the 100% crit multiplier as your character would profit from Orian’s Eye. The only excptions are Items like Hollow Finger which increase the number of skeletons. If you unequip these, your Abomination will start decaying. It is okay to lose skill points by equip change but the number of maximum skeletons/mages must not decrease after abomination is summoned.
One additional note: The Talent Immortal in the Summon Skeletons Tree is very strong, especially with the Sinathia’s Resurrection shield (+ Engorgement passive in abomination tree), giving a chance to summon a new skeleton after skeleton death. If you summon an abomination and it first consumes the skeletons, after that the mages, with a little bit of luck there can be several procs from this passive in between, significantly increasing the number of minions consumed to summon the abomination. Sinathia’s Shield + Mace together also give +2 to minion skills, so it is a very good combo for summoning equip. I guess you can also change idols (for example from minion cool reduction idols to life idols), haven’t tested it.

As said above I don’t know if this is intended, but I don’t think so.

What’s your thoughts on this?

Minions (& lots of other things) snapshot their stats on creation, the devs don’t like it but it is what it is at the moment until they can figure out a way to “fix” it that doesn’t either cause other issues or have a significant resource overhead.