A whole day later still cant play. Starting to lose the itch to play

After a whole day online play is still pretty much unplayable. Whether it’s being stuck on connecting to login or trying to load into the gardens sitting there for 10 or more minutes thinking am i actually loading into the zone or am i going to get an error.

While this sucks and can plague most online games, the LE team did not take the proper steps in order to alleviate these problems before hand. After announcing over a million copies sold they should have implemented steps to ensure a better launch. Beyond shocked that they did not do a stress test before launch. Stress tests for online games is like “testing games 101.” Immediately there should have been a que system in place from the get go so the servers wouldnt be clogged.

So now the team has said in the meantime play offline play. Which is what i have been doing, but there is a problem with that. At least for me anyways. I want to play online, like thats where i want to sink my time in. So when i play offline after about an hour or so i get bored because i think whats the point in offline when i want to be online. Now it would be different if we could transfer our toons over to online, but we cant. So really these toons are just there to keep me occupied until online actually works.

But in that lies my problem. Offline play with these toons being ultimately pointless is kind of killing my itch to play LE. I was super pumped to play yesterday. Got online within a few minutes of release, got my toon to like level 10, decided to log off and eat something, and then could never touch that toon again. So after the other few hours of randomly trying a rogue to level 20, then a primalist to level 15, its killing my drive because i know these toons are pointless and ill have to relevel them back up for online.

My point being is game launches are important for the casual players. Because if it doesnt improve within a day or so the overall community will lose interest and move to different games. We are already seeing streamers(not the hardcore arpg players) playing other games aread. Not a good sign.


Please refund the game and get out of my “Loading Next Area” queue. Thanks!

Just check back in a few days. You’ll get the itch to play again once these issues are resolved. It’s a bummer for all of us.

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never ever give up hope so or even easely, it is on thing that can everyone happen, and to this i understand and feel you mood on this!

Watch out man you have spoke the truth , simps will be here in great numbers, ready to defend the company/ state of the game .


jokes on you cause im playing offline. If you had the ability to comprehend information you would have known that. sorry for your small intellect…

that’s a bit to offensive but tbh, i unsterstand your frustration or bad mood, but do not spice/or spread hate/. for that point i am no simp, but it will work, if not now hopefully this weekend or next week!

I understand your point, but ive always been the person where i dont have patience for people who say idiotic things. Like saying refund the game and get out of “MY” que, is just a stupid statement that doesnt move along the topic at all. Yes, i am frustrated with whats going on. So when people say things like that at the same time when people are frustrated, yes, i will out them for saying stupid things.

I should have said to him “why dont you refund so i can play.”

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Admittedly, I didn’t take the time to read you post. I saw a wall of text complaining about launch issues and decided it wasn’t worth it. It was also meant to be a sarcastic reply. Guess I should have tagged it with sarcasm flags for you high intellect people!

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