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A typ D2 or PoE Minionarmy playstyle Necro

Hello there,
i make it short :smiley:

What do i like:
A D2 big army of permanent skeletons combined with an movement skill like teleport (enigma)
10-15 permanent zombies with spectres or other minions with fast movement like (flame)dash/phase run

What i dont like
Dying minions, SRS minions which have to resummoned all the time.
For me thats anoying.

So heres the question ^^
How are the chances that i can play that style in LE?
Big long lasting army which is competitive to other A or S tier builds
(in terms of damage, clearspeed and movementspeed).

Right now, Necro as a whole is a bit undertuned compared to other masteries, unfortunately. That said, going massed skeletons is totally viable, and is what this build does:

The Infernal Shade has a permanent node, and Dread Shade has a long duration node that removes the drain effect as well, which I’ve been enjoying well. The caveat is that you’ll start running into some issues keeping all the skeletons in the Dread Shade range.

And transplant is one of the best teleports in the game on top!

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Play the ice minions build. It’s what I’m doing and it’s the best build (for me). 9 skeletons, 5 mages, one tank golem, then mass produce volatile zombies as to not be completely AFK. These explode in AoE (which the build otherwise lacks) and get turned into Ward for us.

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I run skeleton (all warrior), mage (all types), golem, and shade with marrow shards to spawn a revenant. And, let’s not forget that letting shades expire is considered to be them dying so I also get vanguard skellies. Everything other than golem is increase max cap as possible. It’s an FPS destroying army. Enemy destroying, too.

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Are this minions permanent dude’s?
Or at least long lasting minions?

Gotta respawn the wraiths but tree passives and skill talents turn it into a ward generating skill as much as an offensive pet skill, and more bodies mean less gets through to hit you. With sufficient sustain sources, Marrow Shards makes a perfectly fine filler with reliable means to spawn passive tree revenant, but I suppose you could always go volatile zombie or abomination.

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If your struggling with minions survivabilty Look for gear or tree passives with minion health regen you won’t be able to see it in your stats but it will keep your minions alive much longer without having to take the perm minion option and obviously min health.

The skeleton Warriors Archers Mages Rouges and Golem are permanent. The wraiths and zombies are as someone above answered .They hold up pretty well my golem pretty much never dies and the skeletons hold up pretty well.