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A sneak peek of the new Acolyte model (Work in Progress!)

As you know, our latest patch included new models and animations for the Mage, Primalist, and the Sentinel. In a future patch we will be including the Acolyte’s new model to bring that class up to the current standard. Today we’d like to show you some of our progress!

Derek from the art team has been working on rigging the new Acolyte model. In the following gif, you can see examples of the range of movement options available for animations;

He dares toy with the wielder of Death? Brave man…

For those of you who haven’t seen the new Acolyte model before, we’ve also prepared a screenshot of it. Please remember that both the model shown below and the rigging displayed above are works in progress. While we would sincerely love your feedback on both, there will be some errors, e.g. the Acolyte’s shoulder armour being overly flexible.


Looks good!

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Woah that’s awesome! Great job!

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That’s some great work you are showing us.
Acolyte is currently my favourite classes and i really like the model.
Wouldn’t mind a bit more death around her, something like skulls or bones, but that’s probably something the armour will do for us.

Looks amazing! Incredible job!!

My feedback - The breasts look slightly too triangular, esp when the arm is lowered - they seem to fold in. They also are somewhat set outwards. Obviously there is plenty of normal breast variation, so its not unrealistic, and i certainly dont mean to funnel you into creating some sort of barbie doll.

The knees are also slightly knock-kneed. The external angle of the knee is slightly outside normal. compare vs

This is the kind of feedback we need. And I’m not even kidding at all :smiley:


Thanks @Cygnus. I had passed your feedback on to the team earlier. I was waiting for a response to follow-up, but the conversation went in a direction other than what I was expecting and I got distracted. We have got a copy of it internally, though!

My pleasure!

Oh man, i get onto different topics SO easily hahaha. Its all good. Thanks for passing it along :slight_smile:

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