A single enemy made me stop playing this game, i'm just letting you know, im not coming back until eagleman is fixed

Am I crazy, or did you not actually get hit?

I watched the video at 0.25x and you’re not even in the telegraph when the meteors land.

This honestly looks like a lag / latency issue.

Don’t forget to add the ~0.5 second global cooldown of abilities.

Also, sometimes the game just won’t respond to your commands. The game can be awfully janky at times.


Bro’s a Forge Guard with none of the FG skills specialized.
Wears a Falcon Fists
28% Endurance, 7% Crit Avoid.
Running health lost/ward gain boots while having 4% ward retention and staying above 99% health for the most part of video showcasing the “problem”, which at this point I cannot say it’s the Birds we’re talking about.

I didn’t. But i rather not debate about that, because its bad even if it landed.

I have itens which provides both those stats, i’ve already tried. Even with 100% crit avoid and 60% endurance i would die EXACTLY the same way.

There will always be a point in an infinitely scaling game where you get oneshot by something and that’s not counting boss mechanics that are intended to oneshot you if you do them wrong.

That’s not how stun works in LE.

If you pause or slow me the video, you can see that his character is outside of the telegraph circle before the meteors come down, but he still dies. I wouldn’t call that a skill issue, but more of a poor hitbox issue.

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Whoa, that was my quote of someone else I was replying to. Clearly I didn’t do the quote properly, but I replied to say that I didn’t agree with the statement. (Not quoting here, in case I screw it up again and cause more confusion)

Sorry, but how does what you say relate to math?

Yeah, I know, I couldn’t be arsed to do the quote properly, sorry… When you highlight some text there should be a small Quote button that pops up below the highlighted text, click on that & it’ll properly format everything.

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