A rule missing from the possible filter options

I notice that you can filter by “class requirement”, which lets you select items that require a certain class.
But I want to HIDE all items that cannot be equipped by a class - which leads to an issue, I cannot hide items specific to the other four classes without risking hiding an item I may be able to equip.

To illustrate my point, an item that can be equipped by mage or acolyte would be hidden by such a filter.

It is fortunate there is no non-unique item or affix in the game that would currently need such a rule, as there isn’t an item base specific to two classes, and generic items cannot have class affixes.

However if such an item base gets introduced in the future, there may be an issue.

can’t select hide and class requirement?

It is more that you select “HIDE class:mage, primalist, acolyte, rogue” but you cannot make the rule “HIDE NOT equippable by:Sentinel”.

In the games current state there is nothing that is affected by the distinction outside of uniques - so the first rule would work, but if people want to filter class uniques or something gets added later, it will matter.

Would it not also filter out the class-specific helms/chests/relics?

I checked every item in the game, there are no items, not even uniques, relics, chests or helms that are class specific to more than one class(which would be the edge case scenario that breaks the filter rule)

My prediction is purely hypothetical

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