A Retaliation build?

I was looking around and couldn’t really find anything about it or any skills that would help i, but I’d like to play a character where the goal is to get hit and the return damage is much higher. The only example I have is Diablo 3 Thorns builds where you just deal damage based on enemy’s being near you or hitting you. If anyone got any suggestions on how to possible do t hat here I’d greatly appreciate it.

Not really, the closest you could probably get is the Sentinel’s Rebuke skill & I’ve got a character with that in the late 50s, but it’s not great & kinda slow & boring. It scales with melee damage & crit, plus every hit you take while channelling adds a 20% more damage multiplier, so if you can get hit by lots of small fast attacks within the 2-2.5s you’re channelling then you can get a reasonable hit, butit’s really bad for bosses. I didn’t enjoy it, I must admit.

I believe that they’ve said they don’t want that kind of passive playstyle in the game though.

I’m at level 86 (solo sc) with a paladin build using retaliation as main melee delivery and bleed + ignite as damage source.
To be honest some improvements are possible, like moving to ignite as primary damage dealing and some more points moved around, like some life leech from void knight.
I’ve tested this same build using forge guard but i felt it somewhat more squishy.




Sigil of hope

Holy Aura

Idols use bleed on hit and ward on it, equipment uses mainly flat reflect and around 20% reflect, as it provides decent damage only if ward gets around 400-500.

Main weapon is Taste of Blood (unique) everything else is the usual resistances 60% + glancing blow + crit avoidance
Block is around 89% and bleed around 170%.
Taste of blood is decent for beefy rares.
Gameplay can be kinda boring in monolith as you just run around to gather mobs and stick close to a big guy to use retaliation on him on and on.

For arena the most important thing to keep an eye on are the various poison/void pools, otherwise you can just facetank anything.

Hope this can be of help.

Do you mean Counter-attack (the passive that has a chance to proc an aoe melee Retribution when hit) which you’ve put 5 points in or Vengeance (which you’ve got on your RMB)? 'Cause Retaliation is a passive that gives increased damage (trippled if you’ve blocked in the last 5s).

Think retaliation is just something meant to augment /support your attack. Rather than being something to rely on!

The closest thing to a “main” retaliation build is vengance, which can be pretty heavily specced into the “counter-attack part”. In conjuction with some of the nodes in sentinel tree.

Not sure if that is totally endgame viable, but you definitly can builds very tanky with this approach.

Problem is that damage reflect affix on gear is pretty useles, because it reflects post-mitigation damage. If they would change this to be pre-mitigation reflect retaliatio nbuilds in general would see a huge buff.


Yep, damage reflected affixes need to be changed to even talk about a damage reflect or retaliation build!!

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It also doesn’t reduce the damage you take, it just applies some of the damage you’ve already taken to the mobs as well.

Is this just a statement or a correction? I didn’t claim that any of my stated points reduce the damage you take. Just confused why you replied to me with that answer :smiley:

You just wanted to state that generally gearing towards reflect doesnt make you inherently tanky?


Yup. Just to add some data into your otherwise excellent post. So people don’t think that reflect makes them tankier, as you say.

Edit: And to **** with you. :wink:

Wrong game Conan :rofl:

Thank you All with the input I guess in this game i was looking for Damage Reflect. and yes I believe that it should reflect damage before mitigation and I wish there was auras or even skills that you could build towards that scaled with damage reflect instead of the normal damage it would deal. guess the Sentinel Class would be best for this, ima try it out and comeback with what i found.

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