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A quick BD passive question

Exuberance: Increase damage at full health: 10%

Asuvon’s Pact: Increased damage while at full health: 15%
Dodge rating: 15

Q1: Why on earth is the wording different for inc dam? Is it the same or does that ‘while’ mean something special?

Q2: If it’s the same thing, or hell even if it’s not, why on earth would I increase Exuberance past 1 before maxing Pact and about a dozen other skills?

Am I missing something here?

  1. It’s the same thing.

  2. It’s absolutely better to max Asuvon’s Pact before bothering with Exuberance past 1 point. Exuberance would be an OK spot to dump extra points as you get closer to 100 if you’re running out of better spots for your points.

That’s how I read exuberance; makes it look like a lousy top-tier passive I think…