A question on Armour Shread and Decrepify

I know that Armour Shred was having issues for a while, but I’m curious if they’ve been ‘cured’ or not?

On that note, I was thinking of trying the Aura of Decay using Decrepify to shred said armour. Has anyone tried this yet? Thoughts? Is the shred worth the investment? How quickly (assuming no +ailments on the Aura tree) do the stacks add up?

I’ve looked and there’s not a lot of recent talk on shred, and almost nothing on Decrepify.

Thanks in advance.

I assume you’re referring to when Armour was used as Physical Resistance in the game (with the Protections system), rather than the defensive mechanic it is now. You can find some information on Armour Shred in the Community Game Guide (which I’ve quoted below) as well being quite thoroughly discussed in this recent forum thread.

Like all forms of shred, and moreso for armour shred (as there’s no limit), it all comes down to how many stacks you can apply of the debuff in the timeframe that the shred lasts (that being 4 seconds).

Though, I personally can’t speak to its effectiveness with the skill you’re asking about.

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