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A question for erasing strike

There is a point named “time loop” in the Lower left of erasing strike. This point let ES can get 3echoes. In my view, we can get near 100% critical with a cirtical sword and axe. Then we can use 2 idols and helm ,body armour to get nearly 500echo damage. so 1 ES nearly 4hit.
so i wonder why no one use it?

I already successfully used this node, but it’s a very particular playstyle, because there is always a 1 second delay between each hit and the time loops cost more mana than ES baseline.

I used it in the context of a maximum mana builds (with 500+ mana) to burst down bosses with dozens of Erasing Strikes.

how to get 500 mana? How long does it take to kill a boss like t4 jurla

Stack mana affixes and blessing. If you want to go really crazy you can also use Orian’s Eye

I don’t know, I played that build before dungeons were in.

It was very bursty and the you need to regain mana again.

I use this node with a character.
My main damage dealer is Void Cleave and Easing Strike is here for bursts.
I found the outcome to be rather random. Sometimes you kill nothing, sometimes you erase the whole scrren.
Finally I removed the last point on this node, because the last echo in general made no difference, and to sustain mana better.
It’s a nice character that I haven’t player a lot, but still play a bit sometimes.

I can imagine it working with a decently high attack speed Rive, while using the prefix for mana gain on rive use - you also gain some mana through the passive. High Mana would require Volatile Reversal, which doesn’t work so well on t4 Julra, since its more like a suicide skill there. But yeah, the 4 main skills would be Erasing Strike, Rive (top left node for extra mana), Void Cleave (for the guaranteed crit and Abyssal Echoes trigger) and Abyssal Echoes (which boosts both attack speed and Erasing Strike Dmg - works both even on trigger). While as 5th Skill probably Anomaly, for attack speed, cd reduction and the extra Void Damage.

VR can be used for Julra, it’s not really suicide if you use it very purposefully.

Also the VC guaranteed crit will not do much with this, since only the initial Erasing Strike will have a guaranteed crit.
So you rather want to invest into crit chance and crit dmg, to maximize your damage.