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A question about leveling and End Game

  1. Currently leveling is really easy. Is leveling going to become harder?
    • I am concerned about this, because in games like Grim Dawn the leveling takes way too long and it is just ... tedious. I hope you get it right.
  2. How would you imagine the End-Game for this game? Yes, it is about items, but let's say Diablo has Rifts, POE has maps, Grim Dawn has arena. (i really love the arena) Or is PVP going to be End-Game?

I also played Sorcerer and I had a blast, wish you best luck and hope to see this amazing game in 2020!


Thank you for your post.

Leveling is intentionally very quick during the current demo. The areas created specifically for the KickStarter are small and linear, and the XP required between levels does not increase appropriately. It won’t be as fast at the game’s release.

As for endgame content, we’ve outlined several modes on this page.

Hey there gorgono1. You can find more in-deph info about end-game in this thread:


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