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A pleasant day to thee

'Ello all. Long time ARPG player. Cut my teeth on Diablo 1. Played Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction for probably about as long as I played Civ II. Currently spending most of my limited free time (gainfully employed full-time and tons of crap to do to get the rest of my life sorted, but hey, let’s procrastinate and play a game instead!) in Path of Exile. It really scratches that itch for procedurally generated maps and item modifiers. Complexity and variety of mechanics is also a big draw for me, as I’m an altaholic. Not so much the rush to 100 guy, I prefer to spend time exploring the whole of the game, trying to find easter eggs and lore that is hidden along the less travelled path.

Favourite games (in no particular order): Star Control II, X-wing, Civilization IV, Descent:Freespace2, Dune 2000.
Games I play when I’m not in an ARPG: Star Citizen to get my space sim fix; Heroes of the Storm/Hearthstone because of the high polish/casual style/free-to-play; Space Tyrant when I want to conquer the galaxy but don’t have time to spend hours completing one turn.

Gaming rig currently consists of an i7-7700K on a Z170, 16MB RAM, nVidia GTX760 2MB; 1TB HD raid 0 2 disk array for games, ssd for O/S.

Look forward to spending some time in Last Epoch to help identify concerns/issues and lend a critical eye to assist in providing a great gaming experience for the players.


Glad to have you here, Garr0t! We hope you enjoy what you see in LE and help us shape the game to be something that you and your friends would like to spend hours playing with us :slight_smile: