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A loot filter question about Tiers and affix colors

So quite a few builders don’t like adding in Loot Filters. I can understand that. They can be a pain. I wish I understood them more myself. That is part of why I am asking this.

I am using a loot filter that someone else created. I don’t have enough know how to start one just to put it simply. The past few days though I am running into something with filters that I have never run into in all of these months and I don’t know if it’s a bug or whether it has always been there.

The easiest way to describe it is exactly what I am seeing.

With people using the color green for example to color items with any Tier 1+ affixes on them, ALL items with any Tier 1 through 4 affixes on them, make the item automatically green.

Now most people know that most loot filters have a color for Tier 1+ and the next color is for Tier 3+, then Tier 5+, etc.

My problem is that I am seeing Tier 3 and Tier 4 both alongside of Tier 1 and Tier 2.

When it comes to Tier 5, there can be only one Tier 5 affix on an item and that item gets it’s color correct. Just exactly as the Loot Filter says Tier 5 should be… yellow in some cases, red in others.

So I am confused. If a single Tier 5 affix will cause a loot filter’s color to shine as Tier 5 for an item, why will a single Tier 4 affix cause a loot filter’s Tier 1 color to shine and not the Tier 3 color to shine instead?

I’m baffled.

Good Gods, excuse the language. So I think I have this right, looking Into the loot filter… but can someone tell me whether I am correct?

The original writer of the filter put Tier 1 items as “more or equal”, essentially meaning anything higher than level one so technically everything in the game is going to show up as the color of Tier 1 items other than Relics and such.

The only way to override this is to go in and edit the filter.

For instance to change items with only Tier 2 and lower Tiers on them to be “less or equal” to 2?

Nevermind I found out what was going on. The loot filter writer was excluding all weapon types except for one which they wanted to be used in their end game so all other weapons came up as green weapons in their loot filter. Only the main weapon was given place in higher tiers. I didn’t know that could be done. lol lesson learned.

Imo the hard part of a loot filter is knowing what you want. Once that is decided hide everything else. It sounds simple but once that is done the hard part is complete.