A Little Understanding

I understand that there are a lot of people unhappy with LE right now, and believe me it’s hard for me to see a lot of what’s happening and be supporting. But I also see a lot of effort by EHG and do support that, including the fact that they do listen to the community.

What I hope everyone can come to see is that EHG started off very small with a kickstarter and is a company that does not have the experience that the other companies have in doing this stuff. LE is a major production and is looking good, but has some very major issues. Other companies have been doing this for many years and have release many products over those years, EHG is just starting up (yes I know it’s been more than 3 years but that still infancy for a company producing something like this).

They now have a lot of people but these folks are disparate, and the leadership is new to the table running such a production.

It is my hope that EHG is watching and learning from all the discussions, which includes their PR piece to let the community know what’s going on. I think most of us want LE to be a great success and want EHG to continue to move forward and even maybe do more after LE. With that being said, it will take support and patience as they grow into this market.

This doesn’t mean that anybody thinks that LE should be the only game in town that we play but it also doesn’t mean that those who have grown impatient should disparage the devs without giving them at least the benefit of the doubt.

Thank you if you’ve read this and I look forward to seeing you in the forums and online in the game.


Well said.

Maybe they cn tell us what is happening untill release.

The loading echos bug also doesn’t help.
Tried playing after over a year of break but a lot of issues still are here or new ones came.

Hope the game becomes a success!!

Constructive post. Thanks. And you bring up some excellent points.

The one thing I did want to say touches on the above quote.

I’ve been with this thing since Alpha (missed the kickstarter by about three weeks or something.) That was, what 2018. EHG set an extremely high standard of listening, responding, keeping up with the everything and most definitely constantly engaging the community. Until last year with MP. That’s almost 4 years of solid, genuine great work.

I do not feel it’s hard to continue supporting them. Have their been some hiccups in the last six months? Sure, absolutely. But, I liken this entire ‘unhappiness’ to the equivalence of fair weather sports fans. When their team is awesome they’re all YES. FANTASTIC. AWESOME. But when they inevitably hit a low point, some fans stick by them and others put away their hats and jump to their next big flash in the pan. Then the moment when the team starts winning again, those hats come out of the drawers.

Remember, when these guys started, if memory serves, they were gamers. Not designers. This was a bunch of them going, “let’s do this.” They’ve learned a lot, and I feel like they’ll continue to learn a lot. And for what is worth, every time I watch one of @EHG_Mike’s streams he is just so honest and open, I cannot imagine these errors/bugs they’re encountering are tearing them up. They’re doing everything they can to try and fix it because I genuinely do believe they care.

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Oh, Absolutely agree. The intent of the comment was that it’s hard to see the continued struggles and not be empathetic to those who are struggling with it. I am still here because I do still support them because of all the rest of what I said as well as what you point out.

The entire post was to point out to people who are having these struggles that exact thing you pointed out that EHG started in a basement by gamers who wanted to produce a great game for the community of which they were a part of.

I think they’ve done a great job thus far, and have simply made some mistakes that a seasoned, already major, company may not have made and are still trying to figure it out.

That being said, I see their track record on both sides. I see the patches that have introduced some major bugs but also the response to the community and the efforts the have made (which have been great) to make the game something that not only they, but the community at large, can be proud of.


Personally I feel like I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth from this game already. I have 650 hours of play time, probably 620 of that I actually sat and played. If this game ever finishes and has more content and polish than it has now, I stand only to gain.

Plus, nothing is stopping me from playing anything else I want to play in the meantime. I’m not a one-game man, anyway. (Not by a long shot.) So I really don’t see any reason not to support or encourage EHG to reach the finish line.

Think everybody who is giving up or would like to see them fail at this point wasn’t in it for the joy of playing the game and seeing it develop in the first place. That’s the only possible explanation that makes sense to me. Foibles and frustrations aside, the minor inconveniences along the way haven’t costed us anything (except a few character rollbacks, maybe) or prevented us from doing other things from time to time.

If you can only play one game at a time, maybe this process has been a little harder on you. But one, I can’t imagine that type of person existing or for what reason. And two, that type of personality probably shouldn’t invest in early access content in the first place. If you know yourself and you know that’s what you’re like, getting anything before it’s the final product is only signing up to torture yourself when that thing isn’t everything you want it to be and then some.

Either way, I’m still holding my thumbs up. Maybe I’m an optimist, but I want to see what this game is like when it’s done. Hopefully it will have been worth the wait.