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A kind of a 1st impressions post

Maybe you’d like to know…

When someone asked me in my stream how I felt Last Epoch compared to the Diablo series, this was my response:

AfricanDreamer: So I’ve not played D3 and that’s for a number of reasons, probably the foremost being that I played Path of Exile

AfricanDreamer: I’ve been playing PoE since closed beta some time in 2012

AfricanDreamer: I have to concede though that if that wasn’t the case I probably would still not have played D3 on account of the money grabbing nature of Blizzard

AfricanDreamer: Like their other games, the pricing of D3 is thoroughly retarded

AfricanDreamer: I did, like most of us, play D2 though. I played it a LOT

AfricanDreamer: Enough of the background bull and more to the point

AfricanDreamer: I have been playing Last Epoch for about a week now and have clocked quite some hours

AfricanDreamer: my first impression is that it is very copy paste PoE and I am told the look of it is reminiscent of D3

AfricanDreamer: being a PoE clone probably sounds terrible and honestly I changed my mind away from acquiring it the first time on that very notion but kept receiving raves about and decided to try

AfricanDreamer: what they have and are very clearly doing is identifying where PoE went wrong through gamer feedback etc and adjusting/fixing those areas

AfricanDreamer: there are many, far too many to mention but things such as inventory and loot management are glaringly obvious ones as well the display of telegraphed damage areas and damage types to name but a few

AfricanDreamer: their boss fight designs are not just better, much much better than that of PoE, they are in fact the best I have ever experienced

AfricanDreamer: Up to lvl65 bosses now, all of them bar none have been exceptional, jaw droppingly smooth, seemingly balanced, aesthetically pleasing, engaging… brilliant

AfricanDreamer: the game is in beta and even though I read of the odd crash bug I myself have experienced nothing worse than an item drop in an unreachable area once and 2 incorrect item texts

AfricanDreamer: should your question be if it’s worth spending your hard earned weak af ZAR’s on this game then my answer is absolutely yes

AfricanDreamer: I am frugal by nature and necessity and I would rate it as money well spent, besides the game is actually pretty damn affordable on Steam

AfricanDreamer: and from what I understand it’s a once off purchase, you never have to pay for anything again unless you want to splash out on cosmetics

AfricanDreamer: I hope that was helpful to you.