A few questions about the game as a new player before patch 1.0

Hello folks. Me and two friends start the game with patch 1.0. Now, as a very new player, I have a few questions for you guys. I hope the questions aren’t stupid.

  1. In Diablo 4 you should collect the lilith statues before the season. Is there anything I should do before the season?

  2. Do I have to play through the story once to be able to play the season?

I also saw that two item factions will be available. the merchants guild and circle of fortune.

  1. Can I continue playing together with my friends if we choose different factions?

  2. Can I swap the faction after I have selected one? (if anybody can even know that by now)

  3. What would you think, which faction could be better suited, especially for beginners?

Thank you all for reading and hopefully answering the questions. We are really looking forward to the game! <3

Hello and welcome to the LE community

No, all progression is character/game mode based and not account based.
If you plan on not starting a fresh cycle character you could already go in play the game right now and keep using that character. The new cycle will not have any exclusive content.

Yes and no. The main feature of the cycle are the Item Factions, namely Circle of Fortune and Merchant Guild. You will be able to select them during chapter 9. After that consecutive chars can select them in the first “town”. Progress from these is account/game mode wide

Yes, nothing is stopping you from playing together. There are only some items that you cannot effectively share with members of the different faction. (You can gift them but they couldn’t use them right away, they would need to switch factions and level this faction up).

Yes, I highly suggest you read all of the official material from the devs, it is very detailed and answers almsot all of your questions. Faction progress is account wide within the game mode (Software, Hardcore, SAF)

There is nothing “better” for beginners, it all coems down to preference. Do you like finding the gear you use yourself or is it ok for oyu to buy very specific gear?
Circle of Fortune will give you overall more and better loot, but not necessarily exactly what you are looking for.

Especially as a beginner when you might not 100% know what you want you can go CoF anyway and see what drops you get.
At the end of the day the devs came up with this system so the game offers both ways of playing.


Thank you very much for answering the questions. your answers helped me a lot! I will definitely look into the official material from the devs! <3