A Few Problems

New player here. I have 3 problems currently. 1: You can’t upgrade the skills (that you’ve unlocked) that you want, even if one of them is your most used. 2: The loot filter sucks. For example, I’m playing a Mage. I’ve tried everything to hide every item that isn’t specific to Mages, and it’s confusing me. 3: Respeccing sucks. Why do we have to level up a skill again, just to change to another node on it’s tree?

These 3 problems are really discouraging me from continuing to play. Please take this into consideration in 1.0.0.

Addressing these in reverse order!

3/ Skill respec is relatively slow at the start of game. As you progress, the minimum skill level will increase and the speed of relevelling decreases (relative to your power level). By the time you get to end game, respeccing to a brand new skill is about 5-15 minutes.

2/ You can find some basic filters here which will help you get started: [0.9.2] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v3.1

1/ Can you expand on this more?

I hope the above helps you enjoy the game more ahead of 1.0

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Perhaps he wants to have more specialised skills than he’s allowed early on.

The devs want choices to have “weight/impact” while allowing experimenting and changing your mind. There are some other reasons as well but this topic has been discussed ad nauseam. Yes, it feels bad to newer players, no its not as bad as you think since they added several things in to help mitigate it (minimum skill levels, if a skill is lower level than it “should be” it gains xp faster). But don’t worry, us dirty white knights will be here to ruin the day of those noble players that just want to improve the feel of the game & our diabolical cabal totes has control over the devs who have no free will nor the ability to process any arguments more complex than just typing large posts.

How is it confusing you? Personally whenever I make a loot filter, I get it to recolour items that have certain bases with a minimum number of desired affixes (eg, 2 of 6 desirable) per slot, plus a different recolour for the rarer affixes for other classes (so I shatter them) then stick a hide all rule at the bottom (as that’s the last one that will be actioned).

I have my own personal issues with the game, but on the 3 you have mentioned…

Respeccing - For me this is good if not backwards, its easier to respec towards end game and not to easy at the beginning, it would be better the other way around imo.

Loot Filter - Best in class for any game ive played, and ive played many games.

Skills - You are not going to get everything at level 10, its an ARPG it needs progression.

My man, not for nothing, but this is honestly a problem with your approach and not the loot filters. You haven’t experienced enough of the game yet to understand that other than three gear slots, there really isn’t anything that is - or is designed to be - “specific to Mages”. You’re never going to write a filter that hides every possible item you don’t want to see without also hiding items you do want to see. That’s not the point of the system.

  1. All skills get an equal ammount of xp no matter what. Even if you use 1 skill 99% of the time it isn’t leveling faster then other skills you use 1% of the time. LE has no “learning by doing” setup but the good old “farm xp” approach that is frech since 1974 ^^.

  2. Lootfilters are simple hirachy systems that work from top to bottom. Pickup existing ones or take 30 minutes and toy arround with them and everything should be obvious.

  3. Respeccing in the begining is slow. We had this topic from time to time and to me the new player experince when it comes to this still suxx big time.

BTW welcome to the board just keep asking if there is more you want to know or need help with @Aulyx .

I don’t know if you know Slormancer. Indie hns made by 2 guys. They have a system were when you use a skill, that skill get 100% xp, the 2 other skills in your setup get smth like 10% (imaginary number I can’t be bothered to check rn), and finally the unequipped skills get nothing.
This is pretty unfun. Swapping a skill require so much effort and create so much frustration. They have adressed the system a few times, by increasing the amount of xp shared etc…

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I know the Slormancer and I had no issues with their approach at all. Every system has pros and cons.

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Same. Oddly enough, it made me appreciate every level I gained in my skills. It felt more like an accomplishment when I maxxed my non-spam skills, than it just being an afterthought of skill point assignment.

Not only that, but the cost involved in actually assigning points to the skills themselves made me think more about what order I need/wanted them raised.

Agreed. I’ve played a few games where skill level/power increases entirely by usage, and the theory is neat but in my experience, in practice it just pushes you towards using cheesy, terribly boring strategies that barely count as playing the game in order to bring skills up.


True :D. Clear a stage and then “autocast” skills while you go to sleep. It would be bad for LE if it was learning by doing ^^.

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