A few issues

Hey there, figured I’d post a few issues that I’ve come across in the game… although perhaps some of them are game mechanics/intentional?

They mostly stem around the Town Portal and returning to the campaign.

  1. As a Summoner, I’ll go to town and my summons will follow me and appear in town. Once I get back to the campaign area they are gone and I typically have to resummon them (even though their icons are still in the upper left-hand corner)… or they will randomly appear off-screen from somewhere
  2. If I go to town, say my inventory is full, sell the items, and TP back to where I was the items that were left behind on the ground (from dead enemies) are gone.
  3. When I go to town, and return to where I was, the map is now unexplored?
  4. Im not a fan of how everything respawns from just using the TP to town and then going to where you were… I had to fight a boss, go to town to sell loot, only to come back and have to fight the same boss again to proceed… seems way too unnecessary. Either have some sort of “new instant” repeat like POE or have the enemies repopulate after exiting the game… or even after using the Way Point/Portalesque shrine… not on every TP use. Or maybe it’s just a bug/issue I’m experiencing.

Just my two cents, once again… not sure if the above are intentional or not.

These are all known issues.

This is a known function with the system based on technical limitations.

Thanks for the report.

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