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A Few Changes to Bone Curse would be nice

So just a few things i thought of while i was looking at bone curse, but the conversion to necrotic damage has no affect on the bleed nodes you can spec into.
In other skills (like infernal shade) when changing a skills element it usually changes the ailments that can be inflicted into elements of that type.
The conversion from physical to necrotic should convert bleed chance to damned chance.
Also, the bone eruption node is…definitely not worth it.
My suggestion is replacing it with something like a blood seal, a circle on the ground that does spell physical damage after a short delay (think Mage’s Volcanic Orb Fire Glyph node). With proper conversion to spell necrotic if the misery node gets taken.
It could even be a neat interaction with signet of agony by causing seal to be laid at your feet every X amount of time with an increase to mana drain.

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