A few active skill ideas for Warlock

Since we don’t know what EHG envisions for Warlock everything here could be totally not what they want Warlock to be, but still i am a big fan of throwing ideas around.

I really hope Warlock will not solely be a DoT focsued Mastery, but i can imagine it will have alot of DoT support.
But since we already got a hit based curse (Bone Curse) i hope hit/crit builds will be something Warlock can go for.

Here are a few ideas:

Necrotic Bolt

Fires a slow moving necrotic projectile dealing massive necrotic damage on impact
(Basically the Acolytes Equivalent of Fireball)
Tags: Necrotic, Spell, Intelligence

Possible Major Nodes:

  • Soulfire: Ignites the target’s soul lighting it apart from within. Soulfire deals necrotic damage over time and does stack 5 times.
    Follow up node of Soulfire: Shattered Soul: Soulfire gives all hits against an afflicted enemy 4% Kill Threshold.
  • Obliterate the weak: Necrotic Bolt deals x% more damage per curse on the target.
  • Free their souls: Hitting an enemy releases x Hungering Souls from the enemy. Hungering Souls cannot hit the same target, they were releases from.

Inevitable Doom

Curses all enemies in a small area, dealing minor necrotic damage over time. The damage over time increases every second
Tags: Area, Curse, Necrotic, Damage Over Time, Intelligence

Possible Major Nodes:

  • Sudden Doom: reverse damage curve, dealing very high DoT damage for a much shorter duration, which strongly decreases over time. (small nodes leading up to it could further decreases duration while increasing damage)
  • Singly Doom: Makes the skill a singletarget skill with a very big more damage multiplier, while keeping damage curve mechanic

Shattering Demise

Demoralize enemies in an area, decreasing their damage. Effect and all effects on skill spec tree increase in strength as enemies health decreases
Tags: Area, Curse, Debuff, Intelligence

Possible Major Nodes:

  • Decisive Shattering: Enemies affected take increased damage from all sources, further increases by each other curse the enemy is afflicted by.
  • They shall fall one by one: All effects of “Shattering Curse” increases when enemies affected by “Shattering Curse” die. (Just already cursed enemies will recieve the increasing effects, newly fresh casted “Shattering Curse” will start at base value)

Arena Of Fate

Creates a ground effect that deals minor necrotic damage over time. All debuffs on enemies within the arena expire slower
Tags: Area, Ground, DoT, Necrotic, Intelligence

Possible Major Nodes:

  • Slowing Down the Traitors: All enemies within this Arena will get a stack of slow for each DoT effect on them when the Arena is casted. (Small nodes leading to this could give the whole arena some general slow for all enemies)
  • Keep them sealed: Arena get walls around it (similar to Bone Prison)
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