A couple questions about Drain life

1 - Since Drain Life doesn’t have a hit component, what are my options in terms of applying ailments?

2 - Since you don’t regen mana while channeling, what are some options for mana sustain during boss fights?


No, drain life won’t proc any of your on hit ailments.

You can use marrow shards or rip blood while waiting for your mana to regen.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply, but this isn’t really what I was asking.

Aside from on-hit effects, what are some other ways to inflict ailments?
Aside from mana regen, what are some other ways to sustain mana?

Ahh, sorry. Wandering Spirits with the Spectral Putrescence node is probably the simplest way to get ailments applied while channeling. You’re kinda stuffed on the mana drain side though if you’re using Drain Life for DPS. It does have a node that generates mana (Grim Harvest) however that’s per minion the skill affects.


Thanks for your reply!

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