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A bit of late question about a mastery


Hi, Im new to this game literally found it last night as a youtube suggestion, Im a rpg game lover, and not that good at it, im from chile, and so on

since D2 I’ve been looking for certain type of gameplay, I loved the druid shapeshifter skills though they where pretty much single target skills and I hated that melee characters in diablo 2 mostly had to kill one by one, and since that I’ve been looking for games like diablo 2 with shapeshifting skills, some have like Baldurs gate and icewind etc, and as I look into masteries, there’s a druid and a beast master, but no wherewolf, wherebear so far, is there any chance to be able in the future to turn into a beast and skill stuff?


looking forward for this game <3

Hi there!

The Druid class will be our shapeshifter. :slight_smile:

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