90+ Vitality Bonus on Devouring Orb is not worth it

Hello all,

The Skill-Node: Void Adept on DevouringOrb doubles its effect on 90+ Vitality. (+10% more Global Void Damage)

I feel like the threshold is too high.
Per default a Void-Knight has 2 Vitality.
Then, +23 Vitality from the passive Tree.
Then, lets assume T6 Affixes for vitality on the helmet, chest and boots, on avg:
+11, +16, +11 Vitality. Bringing us to: 63 Vitality.

Now, with two perfectly rolled and usable Coral Rings, we get another +12 Vitality.
With that investment one gets to 75 Vitality.

Now, one needs to further invest a lot into idols to barely get to 90 or slightly over it.
Which I personally find a little bit too much for its effect.

My Suggestion: Lower the Threshold to 80 or 85.

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You can also get some vitality from idols.

What can I say, welcome to LE.

No, he’s right. Look at how much is required to reach that 90 Vitality mark. I didn’t assume T7 gear here but I did assume Ravenous Voids… It’s absolutely ridiculous. The build effectively loses 3 affixes and your entire idol slots at the least.

Note that if you remove the grimoire and ravenous voids you require T7 on head, chest, and boots.

Edit: Realized I missed 23 vit from the passive tree, that saves you from requiring T7 at least, but still exalted affixes and your entire idol slots is too much for that node.

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Yeah, I agree, don’t get me wrong.

I really mean it, this quite common in EHG design, want some small extra bonus? eat this dick, please.

And is not old, the latest “chase” unique ring that requires 180 attribute stats… Even the spell werebears with lots of stat passives, and going full double stat items, etc, can fall short easily.

Not a fan of this kind of design.

I like the deisgn i just think you should be rewarded more for it. Any unique way of scaling gear other than % increase here and crit there feels good. Their current system really limits build variety. If you want to play x skill there is like 2 ways to do it max and most of the time its just one way to the point where they went out of their way to make sure it only works one way

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Yeah, that’s about it, is just that bonus that is not meaningless but it is just not there to justify building around it.

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