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800% Attack Speed 2500%+ Melee Damage BeastMaster Build 0.8c


Build Overview

Pros - High Leech - High Damage - High Survivability - Melts Bosses
Cons - Cant see the attack animations.


  • Initially posted December 11th 2020. Build is currently viable for 0.8c




Summon Wolf
Entangling Roots
Summon Frenzy Totem


The main idols your looking for are 1x4 Nomad idols with Lynx And Shark Increased Effect


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. You do not need to have all T5 Affixes for the build to work. Simply have the same affies even if all are T1 and T2 will still be viable. That said. Having all T5 makes it better.

Beastmaster Gear Planner

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Nice update to your previous build! Dual wielding FTW.

Good for 8D?

Yup, 0.8.0d didn’t touch any of the skills used.

Great, tks.

Hey Boardman, let me save you some time…
Here’s the leveling guide - Get Swipe, Wolves (max companions asap), Entangling Roots, Frenzy Totem asap, follow the B’s guide, at level 13 equip 2 Beast King Axes…shred.

viable with current patch? (0.8.1c)

Yes it is.

I’ve been having fun with this build, but I can’t follow the gear selections as the affixes have changed.


On the gloves, melee attack speed, minion damage and minion health are all prefixes.
Same situation with the body armour (all of them are prefixes).

Yeah in 8.1 Prefix/Suffix items got some flip flops. Ill have to update evenetually

Is dont get the 6 wolves.
Please can you explain how to get the Max 6 Wolfes?

2 by default
1 inside wolf skill tree
1 from mastery bonus
1 inside beastmaster passive tree up top
1 from unique helm artors legacy

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Hi Boardman21 great build but can you upgrade Gear planner(suff and preff changes)

Welcome to the community!

Ill try to update this build soon :slight_smile:

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I’m following this build its fun buil but update is welcome !

usually you builds have a loot filter is there one for this build? ty ty

Welcome to the community!

Yup Update soonTM

Welcome to the community!

This build was made before i started doing lootfilters, there will be one in the updated version.