8.5 Druid Multiform 41+ Minion Build

8.5 Druid Multiform 41+ Minion Build


Summon up to 41+ minions who deal poison damage on hit:

  • 15 Locusts
  • 4 Squirrels
  • 1 Scorpion + Baby Scorpions
  • 12 Vines
  • 9 Totems

Prioritize minion poison chance & minion attack and cast speed.


  • Usurper’s mandate for health on minion hit and death
  • Otherwise we want Crit avoidance, resistances, health, endurance, armor

Remarks and questions on the build

  • The whole build revolves around getting as many minions as possible to hit as fast as possible to keep us alive with usurper’s mandate. So the only truely desired unique is usurper’s mandate. All others are optional.
  • Managed to to kill T4 Julra without most of the legendaries, so they are not really required. In my opinion, it is a really budget friendly build, because it works well without most uniques and suboptimal gear.
  • I have no idea if serpent’s milk is beneficial for this build or not. It works fine with it, it works fine without it, with both variants i kill fast. Anyone has any idea?
  • Does anyone have any suggestions how to improve the build or increase the number of minions further?
  • Prepare for FPS drops


Video Footage of Monolith

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If you swapped in some idols that summon totems on hit you can get an additional batch of totems, though that does work best if you take the Grove Mind node to summon them all at once. It’d only be 1 point moved though & it’d give you an additional 5 totems up.

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Oh nice, gotta try this out. Never used totems before, so I’m not familiar with all interactions.

Edit: Tried it out. Requires a bit of rage management, but works :slight_smile:

MP has been pushed another month to compensate for performance loss displayed in your build…

:clown_face: too soon?


Imagine four players with such a build. You have up to 200 minions shooting on screen. :smiley:

Has there been any refinements to this build? Or does it stand just as it is?

Nothing has changed in the game (i.e. no patches) since this build was created so its more than likely still working as advertised… Just make sure your case fans are running full tilt… :wink:

Hi, works fine as is. You can also follow the suggestion from llama, but then you need to watch rage a bit.

You can also consider adding “bees on hit” idols.

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OK. I was just wondering if you figured out more to this later on or you just left it as is.

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