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8.5 Build: No Endurance Threshold Swarmblade


i wanted to share a build i made with you. It is a pretty straight forward serpent strike swarmblade build with some different itemization:

  • I used the Ruby Fang set. After it was shown what it can do on a warpath Void Knight, i wanted to see it on a native poison build.
  • I used the Lightless Arbor unique, the foot of the mountain, which converts my dodge rating into endurance threshold while standing still. Using serpent strike i can get the dodge rating higher than my health, practically removing the threshold and making me super tanky.
  • I made some calculations around EHP in tunklab and technically you have a higher average EHP using dodge without the boots, but with Endurance you have a much better protection from one-shots

How does the build perform

  • I’m pushing corruption 200 easily
  • I can facetank all T3 Dungeon Bosses
  • When you move, you have dodge and can still get one-shot, but i only experienced this in T4 Dungeons
  • Swarmblade mobility…
  • Not having access to the boots [Eterras Path]
    (Eterra's Path - Unique Brigandine Boots - Boots - Last Epoch Item Database) really exposes how bad the rage generation is if you are not using vines. At T4 Lightless Arbor, i can’t get passed the intermittence before the boss fight, because it’s the only place where the mob density is so bad, i can’t sustain my eco-rage build (eco-rage build refers to using ice thorns over Tornado)


  • The build is better with Tornado than ice thorns, but in some mob areas you can’t sustain the rage
  • You can get fire resistance up for more damage, but i was happy with my damage.
  • Also optional: The bloodlust swarm node. It does a lot of damage and has a huge AoE. I took it for faster clear-speed against small mobs.
  • I like that the boots make standing still less punishing.
  • I really lucked out on the boots. After taking forever to get them in the first place, i got a 3lp on my first find

Updated Link to the Planner:

Video - T4 Mountain Beneath Boss Kill


Short update, i made some slight changes for better rage management: Druid, Level 96 (LE Beta 0.8.5e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Original link to the planner:

I managed to facetank the T4 lightless arbor boss. :slight_smile: The hard part is still the intermittence before with the rage management. I put some eterras path on, before i enter the room to generate some vines. Still barely enough rage…

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Interesting build, mind to have some game play videos for it?

Never recorded any gameplay, but I will look into it.

Edit: @Rainku I added a video for you. I can look into adding further “normal” footage later. Was my first video, and somehow i entered the dungeon before starting it, so i had to click around to start recording while in the dungeon. Thats the messy part at the start :smiley:

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I got the build set up, and feel like the locust swarm is doing good damage, too.

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Yes, obviously it truly shines in a bleed build. But it does enough damage to clear mobs and for high health targets we have poison.