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8.4 Patch info

Guys, as 8.4 Patch is coming soon, is there a point in starting a new character at the moment or there will be a wipe.

I haven’t logged to the game for a long time and wanted to check the progress but I saw that 8.4 is coming and I’m not sure if I should wait or not.

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There are no wipes at the moment.

No wipe. Offline characters will never be wiped. You’ll have to start fresh characters to play on the MP servers when that’s released, but even that won’t be available at 0.8.4.



Thank you guys, I thought that characters are online/server side hosted as I remember that an year ago when I logged in my characters were wiped, without reinstalling the game

As mentioned above, your savegames etc are all local to your machine.,

On windows they are found in:
bootdrive:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

If your chars disappeared, then its likely that this folder was somehow moved, deleted or you changed login or your savegames got corrupted somehow… The saves are not part of the game install folder itself so reinstallation should not affect them anyway…

side note: if you use Steam Cloud backup and have multiple machines that you play on then sometimes things get a little hairy and steam can mess up the sync and affect savegames negatively…

As far as i remember, there will be no wipes at all. Devs once mentioned that existing characters will be saved and will be accessible in offline mode when the game is released.

how soon its coming?

Likely decemberish following previous patch timeline trends

The only thing I would caution is that if you make a Druid you might have to change your build later with respecs. (Which isn’t difficult at higher levels). It will probably change heavily with the rework coming in 0.8.4. plus the usual balances and such. Other than that have fun and play what your heart desires :grin:

Bye bye FPS and enemy crushing vine-forest druid! I’ll miss you, but I’ve missed my graphical performance as well. xD

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Agreed :grin: Primalist biggest damage dealer is to your fps lol. Excited to play tree dude over twig boy though.

I kinda like little Groot though, with ultra-little Groot running behind =D Maybe original Spriggan models will be available in the cosmetic shop later on, for when I’m feeling nostalgic.

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This would be cool