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[8.3] ZaeN's Ultimate Melee VK - All-In-One Mega Burst & Sustained Dmg 200+ Arena & Corruption

For this sentinel rework I’m ofc back in full strenght and I’m presenting you my current version of a Melee focused VK.

Believe me when I’m telling you that this build is STRONG, and straightforward: no bullshittery with procs and fake numbers, simply 1-click burst = pack dead at 200+ corruption.

It is minmaxed to the limit, probably it’s the current strongest & best allrounded MELEE VK/Sentinel, better than past Vengeance/Rive builds and surpassing various current “S-tier” builds.


Heya everyone, someone may remember me from old forum posts/threads,
I’m a player since version ~0.7 (earliest proof: Last Epoch 0.7.4 Gameplay | Void Knight - Endless Arena Leveling - No Commentary - YouTube) that plays exclusively Sentinel with some lv95+ VKs/FGs with the main one being a lv100 VK that I like to minmax everytime there is a content rework. To let you understand I’ve been playing VK since before it had echoes in the passive tree.

What's new 8.3 & 8.2

In 8.2 melee VKs finally got some love with the introduction of the Hollow Blade 2H sword. Hollow Blade - Two-Handed Sword - Last Epoch Item Database
No more ambiguous and confusing Staff/1H hybrid casters no more wonky procs from all over the 4 Sentinel trees, full melee void Rive had become an option, but the archetype was still lacking full support.

In 8.3 the dream came true, Void Cleave and a long overdue Erasing Strike rework. Now you can have half bar filled with “Melee” tag skills which also happen to be pretty strong.

Hopefully in the future it will get more options and some imo overdue reworks of skills that haven’t yet been touched such as Reversal, or Orbs & Sigils “click tax skills”

Farming 236 corruption:

Farming 190 corruption Monolith:

Against dummy:

My own char: Void Knight, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3c) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Ideal Template: Void Knight, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3d) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Item Filter Reference: PASTEBIN LINK

. Pure melee, dynamic and aggressive playstyle
. It has both big burst and sustained damage: a burst of 100-200k dmg done 3 times from 3 different skills that is also sustained non-stop on cooldowns
. Max debuffs: armor shred + void shred + chill + frailty
. 3k+ HP, 50% movespeed, high aspd, native leech
. Corruption 200+ farms it like butter
. Arena 200+

. Skill sinergy is there but it’s a bit loose


-Anomaly and Devouring Orbs are kept up for the self buffs and enemy debuffs (from the orbs).
-Void Cleave is the first skill used and usually that’s the end of it, everything is dead here already from the burst dmg. In case not or if cleave is on cooldown, then continue with:
-Erasing Strike as mana dump and (optional) 2nd burst skill to kill any straggler.
-Rive to refill mana and the 3rd hit functions as an addition burst damage dealer.
-Repeat until dead (i.e. when doing timeline bosses)

Damage & Defence

Damage sources
+melee void damage added anywhere you can find it
%Inc Void Dmg from Idols (~75% when echoes) and some tree passives
High-ish crit chance possible from the weapon & various affixes, Anomaly and Void Cleave (approx 85-90%+) plus 250-300 crit multi
Void pen from amulet and weapon implicit
Void Shred from monolith The Black Sun
Armor Shred from the weapon & amu (300+100) plus (optional) ~100% shred effect from the chest

Defence sources
For buffer:
Vitality on helm chest boots
Health hybrid/added/increased where possible
Some armor native of Sentinels gear & tree

For sustain:
High leech from various sources
Health Regen Per Second (added) on helm boots gloves, plus Vitality again and Health Regen Increased from Ending the Storm

Tree Passives

Just get to the highest Sentinel and VK passives.
The last 10-20pts are kinda free/non mandatory, in the links I’ve put them into FG and random stuff, these can go anywhere you prefer.
My tree is more defensive, you can go for more silly dmg by stacking void dmg for example

To the very beginners: about farming shards, the filter

Honestly I think in the beginning you should stick with a generic or very minimal filter, and just spam +life and what other shards you can hoard to t2-t3

I believe that making an own filter is part of the game (in the good or bad), also the reason why I have never ever downloaded others’ filters, but I have added mine (which I admit is wonky) in case and for reference

About Helm & Chest super rare prefix

+Mana on Rive is a huge buff for sustained dmg.
But these affix are super rare/a PITA to obtain,
If you don’t have either helm/chest, Strenght is absolutely a strong equal option for both defense & offense.


The 2x2 that give 4s inc void dmg on echo are clearly OP, you then can have 4 1x1 idols for resist/armor/life/void dmg


Thanks for sharing, i am following and so far solid build. Just heads up on your ideal template you have a +2 on void cleave on the skills but not in the equipment; but I guess you can add that to relic and put the strength on either helm/ chest instead of the rares affixes.

Great thanks! I’ve updated the template and added some notes about idols

Zaen, thanks a TON for posting this build! Most of my theory crafting has worked around using 1-2 skills with the rest being a hodge podge of “oh #@%!” buttons, auto-casts and movement abilities. This is the first build I’ve played where I really use most of the skill bar (I do use the time bubble on auto-cast), and it’s a TON of fun! WHAM Void Cleave! SMACK Rive OHHEYABIGGUY ERASING STRIIIKE! 0.5 seconds to breathe, gimme another orb HI-YA VOID CLEAVE!

It’s too fun xD

Keen to try this…

I have a fairly viable melee VK doing all the smite proccing all over the place with multistrike (with battle standard javelin as support) but with all the melee nodes in VK I am very keen to convert back to a more “pure melee” and see how its goes… Erasing Strike is great compared to the old version… I am liking multitrike fun in favour of Rive but I think that might wear off as Rive still seems to tick damage higher with the 2h void sword options… Void cleave just hasnt ticked for me… not sure why as it does work… just something about it that I dont like… but hey, I am odd that way…

Void cleave badly needs a better sound effect on hit.

Maybe thats it :wink:

I think for me its the short movement forward - I think it looks janky and its sort of odd as when there are plenty of mobs, I am not sure which direction void cleave turns my char to face or which one its going to jerk forward into. The other movement related skills (sentinel and other classes), seem smoother… even the Dancing strike with its slow choreography bothers me less…


Inversely when I look at Void Cleave I find it more dynamic and less boring than usual because it has a short dash instead of the usual “stand still animation” :sweat_smile:

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Some formatting
Added the filter I’m using :v:

I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for sharing your build. I just picked up the game within the last couple of weeks and wanted a melee build to test the game out with. I saw this and went for it. I have had an absolute blast. So, thanks! :smile:

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Hi! I’m a new player (atm finishing chapter 9) and I’m loving the build so far!
Could I kindly ask you for a early endgame filter (Or what changes could I do to your filter to make it more appropriate for my level / gear)? I downloaded yours but it seems pretty strict, and don’t get me wrong, I love strict filters because I like to see only what I will pick up, but probably at my level I’m missing useful stuff like that
I also have downloaded Heavy’z filter but instead is too generous xD
I’ve tried to modify them to my liking but honestly my game knowledge is still too shabby to do it properly :C
Thanks again for the awesome build and hope to not bother you too much with my request >.<

Honestly I think in the beginning you should stick with a generic or very minimal filter, and just spam +life and what other shards you can hoard to t2-t3

I believe that making an own filter is part of the game (in the good or bad), also the reason why I have never ever downloaded others’ filters

I been running this build as well, for early endgame focus on getting that helm / armor piece for the crit avoidance and for affixes try to cap resist and health. The damage that you get from skills/passives should be enough to get you through monoliths (non-empowered)

Use the one Zaen posted above and look for these stats to keep you rolling.

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I spent all my gold from my earthquake druid (RIP) to gamble/craft a set of godly gear for this character and I must say it’s worth every dime. Never realise how hard erasing strike can hit plus with guarntee crit after cleave it’s so satisfying seeing a whole screen of yellow numbers. Thanks for the build!

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Added new video

Farming 236 corruption:

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Just want to say thank you for sharing, this is now my most played/ leveled / gear up character. Meaning I also find the most fun I’ve had in a while.

For anybody else like me that like the beefy builds this is your to go build for 8.3

Just wanted to echo MIGZZ here, great build, had a ton of fun after re-spec’ing over from a warpath character. Just finished taking this build to level 100, well balanced & powerful.
Thank you ZaeN.

Hi, do u have a leveling guide on your build? Like what skills and passives to take first?

Hi! How about Darkstride boots? It allows you to have double Void Cleave, which makes sense for this Void Cleave build-based, more movement speed and tons of melee void dmg.

Thanks for sharing!

With the change on Dark Torrent and Abyssal Rush number of allocated point, where to do think it is best to put then now ?