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5th companion summon issue?

Picked up the last BM point for 5 companions (Force of Nature) yet cannot summon another wolf, raptor or sabertooth. I can only remove my frenzy totem and add scorpion or the bear to get a 5th to appear.

Is there an issue or am I doing something wrong?

Can you put your build in the planner and show us?

I am having no luck with the planner. The page that explains how to export the game saves are not in either of the two directories. Can’t seem to build it on the planner manually either.

On my PC the savefiles are in C:\Users\fredv\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves
Maybe this can help you find them.

(edit) Ignore that - I have several drives and found it in another driver instead of the one that the game is actually loaded onto. Will work on getting the planner. Thank you.

Okay I hope this is it.

You can try to get the node on the right of the Wolf tree: Safety in numbers. This way you will be able to summon 5 wolves and no other companion.
If I’m not wrong, you can’t have more than one Raptor or Sabretooth. Wolf is the only companion that you can have multiple of.

That’s what I thought, too, but I have seen where people have 3 wolves and 2 other companions which is what I should be able to do here. But it won’t let me bring out a 3rd wolf.

Having 5 wolves would negate all of my passives and skills for the build though and is not what having a 5th companion slot is all about.

If I’m correct, you’re limited to two wolves until you add this node. But I’m not totally sure, it would be good to have someone more used to the Beastmaster.