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500k Critting Beserker Beastmaster! 0.8d (With Lootfilter!)

Video (Loot filter link in description of video)

Build Overview

  • High Damage
  • High Survivability
  • Great AoE For crowds
  • 100% stun chance to interrupt boss attacks.
  • You have to watch your wolf suffer over and over again.


  • Initially posted December 18th 2020. Viable for 0.8d




Summon Wolf
Summon Frenzy Totem


The main affix on idols you want is % increased health. FLat health.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not be min-maxed correctly but should give you a basic idea on how to get started.

Beserker Beastmaster Gear planner Link

@boardman21 This is my favorite build to play so far so thank you again for another awesome build. Have you played this much in arena? I’m just curious because I can make it to the 140s pretty much every time but I always get one shot in the high 140s. It’s usually by a ranged pack before I even have time to move. My health is just over 2k. I’m just curious how you have done? All echoes cleared without much of a problem.

I havent pushed it at all so 140 might be all its got

I dropped summon wolf for ice thorns auto cast on hit for the extra armor. Going to give it a try since my wolf is always dead at higher levels anyway. Will see if it makes any difference