5 MILLION+ Updated Damage Lethal Mirage Build 0.8c


Build Overview

Pros Kill anything before it gets a hit off.
Cons Its to easy.


  • Initially posted December 8th 2020. Updated for Patch0.8c ON December 11th 2020. Will Likely See Another Hit With The Nerf Hammer.




Dancing Strikes
Lethal Mirage
Smoke Bomb
Synchronized Strike


The main affix on idols you want is bleed chance and increased damage with dagger or with sword.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not be min-maxed correctly but should give you a basic idea on how to get started.

Bladedancer Lethal Mirage Gear planner Link


I am now taking bets on whether or not this gets “gently caressed” by the nerf sledgehammer.


Before I can wager money I need to know if the nerf sledgehammer 2 handed?

seems balanced

It is if you consider those bosses can 1 shot me as well.

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don’t think that is how that works lol

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there you go.

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even a good roll on that “less boardman’s damage” wouldnt stop the 1 shotting.

you might need a bigger hammer or learn to duel wield 2 handers

It’s a multiplicative modifier (more/less as against increased/decreased), so you’re doing -192% of your pre-nerf damage.

I know maths is hard.

No I know its LESS meaning Multiplicative, but lethal mirage has almost 1000% MORE damage to it so again your 200% LESS is nothing.

No, it would multiply that 10,000% by -192%.

Just use the formula and see what the starting point of 13 million reduced by 200% less damage is and then we can see if its a big enough nerf. Im tired. Your making my head hurt.

Is that better?

Edit: 13 million x -200% = -26 m.

is -192% less boardmans damage a double negative actually giving me an addition 192% MORE damage? I like nerfs from a 2 handed llama

So you accept that the first one was doing what I intended!?!!

Ill accept that Im going to bed and you can call this one a victory.

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I’ll take that. Have a good sleep mate.

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dont nerf this until 0.8.1 plssss!

Ah dang, nice find Boardman21! Hope they fix it in a way that bleed + Lethal Mirage is still viable, having such a blast leveling it w/o extra shadows.

Here I was thinking the Sync Strike > Shadow Cascade build was too good because it did what it did while trivializing mana.

I see 3 nerfs coming.

  1. Shadow Cascade will have the mana return nerfed. Probably limit it to a single instance no matter how many shadows.
  2. I expect Sync Strike’s ability to overcap shadows to be removed.
  3. Those bleed nodes in Lethal Mirage will get capped like Boardman suggests in the video.

Edit: Found a 4th. If you don’t use an elemental attack you can get 72 ele res for 5 passive points in Marksman. 1 point Elemental Arrows, 3 points Siege Quiver, 1 point Fire and Steel.