5.23.23 Still getting stuck in dungeon boss room

Pretty frustrating to fight through a whole dungeon and get trapped right before the boss. Lightless Arbor, 5.23.23

Supposedly 0.9.1 has a fix for this.

That’s my point, whatever they did did not work.

The patch notes say “Likely fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to enter the boss room of dungeons” - well Likely, you did not fix it.

No they mean the next patch, releasing in 2 days has a fix for it.

Fixed a bug that caused players to sometimes be unable to enter the Boss Room of Dungeons.

That’s from the 0.9.1 Rising Flame patch notes.

Oh that would be great.

For my part, I couldnt get in to Lightless Arbor lvl 65 3 times in a row using my level 71 spellblade - then I thought, wait I never did the level 20 dungeon, why did it let me choose level 65 first? So I went back, did the level 20, killed the boss, zoned out and back in, tried the level 65 and was able to get into the boss room. We will see if I can get in again, but maybe doing the lower level dungeon first helped.

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That definitely sucks and is not a good feeling. Here’s hoping this is fixed in 0.9.1 and it’s not another case of “It’s fixed… but only half the time.”

Sadly it’s sort of expected since the game is still in beta.

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Yeah, stuck again on the level 65, tried again to complete level 20 first, which I did no problem, but then got stuck again before boss room on level 65 - so it appears totally random. Hoping for a fix, and yeah I guess beta is beta right? Pretty bad bug though

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