400K+ Ward with Level 63 Shaman + Storm Totem - Working as Intended =)

Ok, so Shaman can use Storm Totem + Boardman’s set (3 piece) to get hit by his own Storm Totem and generate a small amount of ward. This is what the item description says:

Storm Totem can hit allies to grant 21 ward

At level 63, with less than 300% ward retention, I was able to generate more than 400,000 ward. I have no idea how this ward generation scales (spell damage, crit damage, etc.) but it’s clear something about this item/interaction is comepletely broken. It wouldn’t surprise me if at level 100 with optimized gear someone would be able to reach close to 1 million ward with this.

Now is the time to have fun with this before it’s fixed, as this is clearly completely broken. (All the Arena pushers out there.)

Kudos to Advorsus for discovering this broken interaction. This user wrote a build guide at LastEpochTools where in the comments they state, “Yes the ward is working as intended with this set.” I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is working as intended or not. :upside_down_face:

A note on the video and how display of ward works in the game at the moment:

The ward bar (above the health bar) has a max display limit of what seems to be 65,550 (or probably 65,555). When your ward goes above this figure, the game displays a new bar that starts again from 0. To know how much ward you had you need to sum up all ward bars you went through before reaching 0 ward.

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With a number like that I’m gonna guess that it’s 65,535, which is the limit for a short unsigned int, or 16-bit int.

I would have said that the game never expected you to reach such numbers, but the fact that it adds ward bars got me confused. Maybe it’s a system in place for future use (or power creep), or maybe it’s a fail safe system?
I find it most likely that there are no real ward bars, it just happens that the variable reaches the limit and rolls over back to 0 and starts growing again and the game animation isn’t ready for something like that.
Then again, I could be wrong about that. It’s still a funny thing to stumble upon.


Its bugged, every time you cast Storm Totem the set “stack”(for lack of a better word).The first totem gives you 21 ward, the second 42, the 3rd 63 etc…
You can even snapshot that, change your gear and keep the ward generation
Edit : it has been discovered a while ago. Perry the Pig made a video about that a month ago.


That’s just to give the player an idea of how many “character max hp”'s worth of ward they have.