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30k+hour Path of Exile Player: my only wish for Last Epoch

Hi there! I just recently started playing this game as an alternative to path of exile which i’ve played more than just about any other game because of a particular skill it happens to have called Raise Spectre, This skill lets you raise corpses of pretty much any monster in their game and has kept the game rather interesting for me for a very long time.

these monsters have most if not all of the abilitys they usually have and are subject to modifiers in the same way normal minions are, Making the beastmaster able to tame ceartain enemys that fulfill its tags like (is alive, is an animal) etc and the necromancer being only able to revive ceartain types of tags as well would definitely make it hard for me to put this game down.

So pretty please consider something similar to the Raise Spectre skill that will allow us to interact with your various monsters and enemies in the future and if possible expand this concept to the Beastmaster, Necromancer and any other applicable classes.

Thanks for ur time, I look forward to seeing where this game goes.


Hello and Welcome to LE SILENTSYMPHONY! I also just started playing this game and am loving it so far! My 1st character was a sentinel Warpath Paladin because that was a skill I was most familiarlized with in PoE (Cyclone), although it plays a little differently to some degree, I enjoyed it enough to take it through empowered Monoltihs and have beaten T2 Julra with it thus far. My 2nd character is a Beastmaster, and saw a build guide from Epoch Builds on Youtube using Storm Crows, and am absolutely loving this, but to get on the point of your post, it would definitely be cool to be able to do as you suggest and make the game a bit more interesting if this kind of thing could be integrated in Necro and any other build archtype that uses minions!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I’m level 76 Necro so far doing a poison/necrotic/archer/mage setup and its been pretty easy but got a little slow around 70 but this is to be expected, Gonna try the mage and then swing over to beastmaster for another minion run.

Back on the main topic im not sure how big of an ask this is for the developers and if something like this does make it in im not getting my hopes up too high for what it will exactly look like or if it will ever be a thing.

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For example, the Acolyte is one of the three basic classes that still lacks a third master specialization.
→ I can directly imagine that at least one of these 3 missing classes has something like that.

Would at least also appreciate it and think that the still upcoming Warlock is probably best suited for something like this.

Let’s hope.

Can’t agree with you more!
I do wish there is a skill like the Raise Spectre in Last Epoch.