300 Corruption Lich 1000+ Ignite Stacks Hungering Souls Curse of Perseverance Build Guide

This hungering souls build applies silly amounts of ignite on every enemy around you. It is based around the 0.9 updated staff Curse of Perseverance. You can easily get over 1k stacks of ignite against Julra. The new death animation on burning enemies is incredibly satisfying.

The build itself kills Julra in around 60 seconds and can clear monoliths 300 efficiently. Try it out! Also, if you’ve had a chance to test out the same staff and found better synergies, let me know!

I also theory-crafted a good use for Aaron’s Will but I have not had one drop yet.

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Came onto your build because i had the items laying around and i tried to make a build with it on my necro. It wasnt a big success.

Now i see you need the speed from the lich form and the last curse to get it work. Did it with bone golems instead of vangaurds, but still wasnt good enough.

Gonna lvl a Lich now tot test this out. :slight_smile:

I should note - I think they changed Aaron’s Will to round down rather than round up. So I don’t think you can run 3 bone golems as lich :frowning: