3 Million DOT Solo Scorpion Build Planner UPDATED (Level 87) .8.2i

Hey everyone,
SO I don’t really like releasing my build planner until the build is complete, but I had a few people ask me to show the build so I decided to go ahead. I am aware I need more HP Crit avoidance and resistances here. Essentially what you will do is cast the poison pool to start your poison stacks, then cast frenzy totem which will allow you to cast poison pool again for more stacks, then use Etteras blessing to amplify the damage. This is just how I do the build and I know there is a lot of fat to trim and gear upgrades to get(need the crit avoidance blessing to get us up pretty high), but anyway here is a video of it taking down some bosses and the link to my gear. Thanks and keep the criticism productive as I am still fairly new to the game :slight_smile:

Bassicly trying to get as much Aspect of the Viper Effect and Duration on our chest/helmet and idols. Once we have a +3 to Summon Scorpion we will be able to finish out a few things in the tree.
A point of contention could be the usefulness of the little scorpions but I feel they have made enemy mobs more manageable, as the scorpion is much better in single target. I am not able to really test the baby scorpions damage numbers as they do not attack the attack dummy, but for now I am standing by that they feel more useful then when I went for extra damage with the main scorpion.

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I was excited to see your build planner after I saw your amazing DoT numbers. Great job with this build.

Few things I can think of:

  1. I really like the Frenzy Totem using the Eterra’s Blessing node - especially as the healing is always nice and grants you more chances to use your Scorpion’s Venom Nova ability without you having to concentrate on focusing your mouse on the Scorpion. It’s really only useful if it’s just you and the Scorpion, so it would come at the cost of the Baby Scorpions and the Primal Serpent, but there are several ways to buff the Scorpion further.

  2. For the Scorpion, instead of the Baby nodes, how much more damage do you do if you take 5/5 in Blood Poisoning? If the Scorpion is doing the bulk of the damage, then that damage multiplier would help amplify the damage even further.

  3. For Serpent Strike, looks like you’re using it for the Primal Serpent and not attacking with it much. What would you think about using it for Culling Blow and Poison duration?

  4. War Cry can be a good replacement for Fury Leap, as it grants you a second invulnerability, cleanses ailments from you, and gives the Scorpion extra Poison chance, while also doing extra healing.

This is not meant to be a criticism, but rather checking out extra ideas. Clearly you’re doing a great job with the damage numbers.

Oh thank you so much for the response. I have tried respeccing into the blood poisoning nodes, the thing is, and again I don’t really know how to test this, once you reach lvl 90 monos the mobs tend to be a problem (by that i mean for quick smooth gameplay, the mobs still arent a big problem), I don’t know what damage exactly the babies are causing but they are able to take out mobs and get to far reaching archers and such before they are able to do much damage to me. I can post a video here but with the T6 minion regen they are actually pretty tanky, I have never even had a baby scorpion die on me yet. I am not sure really I think I need to try a few things out like the noxious toxin node as they will ad another layer of defense by blinding while improving poison damage. I wish I get them attacking the dummy to see if they improve the poison stacks on single target. I was considering switching out fury leap for war cry and now I feel I am more convinced this could be the way to go. Etteras blessing can be useful with multiple minions because of the taunt ability attached to it which is kind of broken right now and adds a crazy layer of defense. As far as the serpent strike goes you are right it could be done better, I live in Phoenix and wanted to make a scorpion rattle snake esthetic lol

So I went and took your advice with blood poison, I decided to go entagling roots for the minions increased damage, poison damage, attack and movement speed, the damage numbers are now at 3 million DOT!! Now need to get more movement speed to compensate not having a movement skill, and something to help deal with mobs better. Any Idea??

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