3 lp mad alchemist ladle

Hello new player here, I found a 3lp ladle and I have a lvl 94 warlock. Ive been doing fairly well using another unique wand with a skull on topof it that i found but I know this ladle can be good for me. what should I try to get into those lp slots? Im some sort of a homebrew low life bleed warlock and ive looked at some maxroll guides but have done some of my own tweaks. That being said Im not sure what I should shoot for into this ladle that would make it better than what im using.

If you’re set on bleed then damage over time, physical damage and physical penetration are a good combo; if you planning on using salt the wounds then I would take out physical damage for crit multiplier.

A safer approach in case you don’t like bleed that much would be damage over time, cast speed and necrotic penetration.