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2nd Character and confused about damage buffs

Hey y’all,

I am on my 2nd character and loving it. I am doing a Void Knight warpath void damage build.
I am confused about damage buffs and honestly can’t figure it out from the in-game guide.

Most of my damage comes from melee void damage with some damage from abyssal orbs and cascading orbs that proc from warpath. I have several adorned idols that buff either melee damage or void damage after a skill echoes. I am assuming that both of these would buff the melee void damage? Just confusing because melee void is a specific type of damage and the buffs are not as specific.

Thanks in advance!

If I remember well, the base damage for Warpath is physical, not void. You can add void damage, but the base will remain physical. So to buff Warpath, you better buff melee damage, this will buff both melee physical and melee void.

You are correct, the base damage is physical. There is a node that adds additional global melee void damage in the warpath skill tree.

so melee void is buffed by any melee buff and any void buff?

Yes. Melee (& Spell) are how you do damage & are over-arching categories that will buff any skill that has those tags, regardless of the damage element (phys, void, fire, etc).

The damage elements (phys, void, fire, etc) are what you do & will buff any skill that has flat damage of those elements added. Spells are a bit different to melee, since most melee damage is added as a specific element while most flat added spell damage is “adaptive” in that it takes the element to add from the spell tags (& if a spell has multiple tags such as fire & lightning, it will split the damage elements over those tags evenly).

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My first build was a totem poison build, and it was much easier to understand exactly how to buff the damage, it had to be “minion poison damage.”

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Does this mean that using Warpath with a weapon that does added melee void damage, and having an item with % increased void damage increases this damage? Or does the damage have to be physical to increase Warpath, because Warpath’s tag is physical?

My understanding now is that the % increase void damage would directly buff the added melee void damage. But I don’t think it would buff warpath in any way directly.

Correct, % void would buff the added void but not Warpath’s base phys (which is 2, so totally irrelevant).

Does this mean that with enough added void damage, % increased void would scale better than % increased phys? Though it would have to surpass the added implicit physical damage on your weapon…?

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Exactly … if you use e.g. an ultra fast low damage 1h and warpath your total physical damage will be low… if you add a ton of flat void damage on it from passives and gear you would scale your damage a lot better via %void than % phys.

But better take % meele … works for both