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2nd chapter.. am i missing something?

how do i get from chapter one to chapter two?
i either end up in arena, or at a farewell page after the temple and area

Which version number is displayed in the bottom-right corner?
by your question, i’m assuming there may be a more recent version… i’ll check
or give me a link :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re playing one of our old pre-alpha demos.

You can grab our launcher from here, and that’ll take care of downloading, installing, and updating our alpha client for you. You should notice a few changes! :stuck_out_tongue:

downloading new launcher now … thanks !!!
btw i really like the game… esp kudos to art styling

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By the way, if you’re playing on Windows then I’d strongly recommend that you perform the install by right-clicking and selecting Run as Administrator. Due to our game being relatively unknown software (by Microsoft’s standards, at least) it can be placed in a temporary directory if not run with elevated privileges. We’re working on preventing this happening in future.

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