2million+ dps minion poison Druid



fury leap is our main source of damage, and mobility. Here we can summon our melee vines consistently, which will also benefit from our sprigan form tree, and entangling roots tree, and provide all our minions with an increased damage buff every time we leap.


Here instead of actually being in spriggan form, we use this tree to buff our vines being summoned from fury leap.


Here is our main active minion buff, which will provide our vines increased armor, and attack speed, give all our allies extra poison chance, and triple the poison chance our scorpions will be doing, and reduce enemies chance to crit our minions by 50% as the main highlights of using this skill.


here we use scorpion, and the babies, to apply more damage to enemies, with lots of extra poison damage! we grab max summon of baby scorpions, with the more poison damage, and poison chance modifier, summon amount, summon frequency, and the most imporetant node, that allows our scorpion to sustain its health, for whenever it kills an enemy, it regains 30% of its max hp.


Now, spriggan companion is quite optional as a final build, and you could opt to give more damage, and health to your summon scorpion, by taking the single companion only nodes in the druid, and beastmaster passive tree, but I opted to make this build for the highest damage possible as a showcase, so we use summon spriggan, which can summon its own vines, seperate from other sources (max limit of 6) that scale with attunement (will get more into that further below the thread) and also comes with a whopping 100%more damage modifier node, (more damage is better, right?)


So the most important stat you want, besides the defensive portions in the build is ATTUNEMENT which does several things for your vines at once, as far as scaling goes. #1 it gives your vines summoned from fury leap, 4% increased poison chance as well as increased damage, and added health. this means you want exalted attunement everywhere on your gear, to really maximize vines damage as a whole. Below I will link a build planner, and go over the major passive selection nodes in each tree.



Nothing special to make of note here, this is your standard primalist tree for most builds. damage reduction, and increased health.


Since we are not transformed, we make use of the passive node “fetid resilence” which gives us a nice Damage reduction to damage over time, we run the standard node for most druid base builds, but the thing that makes this build most interesting is we are double scaling not only minion poison chance, damage, and health from attunement, but we are also getting our crit avoidance capped from attunement via “harmonious wisdom passive” which gives use 1% crit avoidance per point of attunement, greatly opening up suffixes for other stats.

Standard stuff, damage reduction nodes, and increased minion attack speed.

Final thoughts

This was a near max dps version, now during normal play, I would change my weapon for usurpers mandate (this is what I run during monoliths, dungeons, and arena), because you get alot of health sustain from minion hits, and for other people you could gear for less dps, and go one-handed+bastion, and build health regen, or such. Now some of you may be wondering why not go wear bear, or spriggan form for this? Well, you don't get the option to use companion abilities, you don't get the damage over time buff, and you cannot use fury leap for mobility. This is my preferred play style, but other options are also good, since the druid rework, you have more flexible build options, and play styles! Enjoy.


Looks like a cool and unique build :+1:. At least I can’t remember seeing a build like this before, but I’m no Druid expert.

seem cool I will try when getting to end game

Fun looking build! How well can this cope with high corruption areas or t4 dungeons? Single target damage seems to be enough atleast, but how about area damage against several enemies?

Other question: You have DoT for minions on that axe. Entangling roots are not counted as a minion, but scales with your own Dot if I understund it correctly. So, is the Dot for minions for scorpions poison damage? I have 3LP Usupers mandate, and thinking what afficex I should look for it.

The vines are minions.
And by looking at this build I would think they do most of the damage, so the minions DoT would be for them.
And the scorpion, obviously.

ofcourse, I somehow missed that vine mechanic. Thanks for clarification.

Very nice, and thanks for the detailed info on skills.

I think your selling your build too cheap, buddy! That 2.6 Mio damage tick is every 0.5 seconds, so you have to add the next tick, too. that was around 2.3 Mio damage. So it’s more a 5 Mio dps build :laughing:


Thank you for your build, of excellent quality. Very effective.

Looks fairly similar to the bear vines build. More poison focused and with scorpion instead of werebear. Might be able to look at the bear build for some ideas, though with the poison focus, might not apply very well

So, Im actually levelling my druid with this build.
Kinda fun, (still need to hit 50 for 5th skill and some passives for the scorpion) but I was wondering, where do you put the last points in Spriggan form?

since this build only relies on the vines from the Spriggan tree I was thinking to just dump the extra points in totem warden for extra heal of necessary

if you want, a more effective way of sustaining health, and losing some minion stats, would be to equip an usurpers mandate, two handed weapon

it was more, “what to do with the last 5 points you haven’t allocated in spriggan form”. where is a good place to put them :slight_smile: