2Hand Weapon Builds?

Hello I dont know where to post this but here it goes,

I am a big fan of 2handed game play but I cannot find a build that suits the gameplay which also performs. I was thinking Tempest Strike Shaman but that route goes into spell damage more than melee damage.

Forge guard or Paladin maybe?
Paladin has good defenses but forge guard mastery has more 2handed melee talents.

Is there a good build and can anyone link or point me towards it?

Smite & Devouring Orb both benefit from using a staff & can do good damage.

As you already pointe dout Forge Guard has specific 2-Handed Nodes.
Primalist also has dedicaded 2-Handed Nodes in the base class Tree.

Tempest Strike works well with 2-Handed, but you will most likely try to go a bit of hybrid melee/spell(with either a Staff or some Uniques that boost spell capabilities)

There is nothing to hold you back from playing Void Knight or Paladin 2-Handed too.
Same goes for all other Classes.

There are some skills that have specific 2-Handed Nodes too, what coems to my Mind is Warpath(sentinel) and Ice Thorns(Primalist)

In the end i think they is really nothing you can’t do with 2-Handed builds, so just go what active skills you really like and you will make them work with 2-Handed.

Hi man! Here`s a heavy beastmasters build you can check out

That looks sneaky to me.

Also you can try Lich with reaper form specced 100% crit, 30% attack Speed, -% life lost/sec, Harvest Spec 9% crit chance and rest into “more dmg on cursed enemys” and “every 6th hit deals X more dmg” and use a curse - with a 8% melee crit sovnya and craft +% melee crit. .

Max crit melee Lich. Huge Damage and survivability. I like it with transplant specced to bone armor and Health reg for extra defense and mobility for kill speed. Always worked well for me! Find out the specifics of possible combinations/add-ons by yourself :slight_smile:

A spellblade will probably work well too into end-game as of now due to recent patch changes and improvements!

I also had huge success with a 2handed swipe-leap-earthquake beastmaster build. Huge attack speed, crit, physical damage output. A Raptor for single target dps (single companion) benefiting from yours buffs worked well too together! Since the passives give great additions to yourself and minion (crit, physical Damage, attack speed), swipe grants huge crit Multi and crit Chance Bonus, leap gains huge crit Multi Bonus and Benefits from +% melee crit on weapon, earthquake you have many ways to go - either huge Damage, low mana cost specc, or the high mana cost Investment for tripple earthquake.

And what I like best is low mana guaranted stun Chance spec and having Ultra fast attack speed. Slash Slash Slash. Maybe Play around and get some chill chance and the +150% dmg Multi spec on earthquake if thats still actual for extra €€€

Probably frenzy totem for sure as far as I remember for most fun. More Slash Slash and huge Damage and Raptor boost €€€

Had fun with 2handed melee werebear druid but I find werebear to be a rather stale playstyle due to skills being locked and the limited choice :stuck_out_tongue: Swipe, Rush, etc.

Maybe you can get a build to work with the sunforged set (2handed mace, helm, armour)

The set itself gives +1000 armor and +xx% armor additionally, gives good critical avoidance, huge fire res, turns necr and pois to fire/physical, which gives quite a survivability already. It gives 200% Damage with forged weapons on ignited enemys, good melee stun Chance and increased stun Duration; Change to forge weapon when hit, and 20% cooldown recovery.

Maybe mix with and go

Full stun route with this gloves


Fire route with cocus on stun, fire/ignite, fast hits, not big hits, and rely on your forged weapons too with these

or use None of the gloves, but this ring:

Increase stun Duration, lacking void resist and life:

More fire

Choose forge strike - more weapons, and whatever way you go, go fire, huge stun Chance or huge crit - and somewhere increased area / less mana cost. I assume this is the better choice than smelting wrath - but maybe even taking both could be worthy !

Would go with rive, create forged weapons on kill, increase attack speed, allow only hit 1 and 2, ignite on hit 1 and 2, Multi dmg against ignited.

Mobility skill, maybe a manifest armor…

Had this idea Long in mind and my forge guard is lvl 60+ or something, so no way near tell-able if it will succeed as a build :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you just pun’ed me :smiley:

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Unintentionally! :smiley:

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Rive VK, boardman made a build guide on and it is a good 2h melee build. Lots of DPS and leech. I don’t really have experience in high arenas, but for monolith farming it is good fun, and has a few options you can switch into if that’s not your cup of tea.

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