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260k Per Tick - Low Life Poison Lich (Acolyte) Patch .7.10 | 300+ Waves No Resistances!

Here is my next Last Epoch build guide! Featuring the Low Life Poison Lich build for the Acolyte class. 260k poison ticks and 1040% DOT. Pushed 318 waves with no resistances. I want to see what you can push!
This build makes use of Wandering Spirits and Spirit Plague to poison your enemies and rot their flesh!

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UPDATE: wave 300+ viable!


that armor help a lot with damage at low life & ward, i ve drop it 2 days ago on my little lich :slight_smile:

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It does. It has me addicted to Low Life builds now haha

I just found Exsanguinous so was taking another look at this build.

Is there a reason you didn’t go for Vipertail in the belt slot?

Increased Poison chance, dodge chance and slow on hit seems to fit the build well.

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That is exactly the reason I took it.

Not in the video you didn’t…

Looks like a Ranger Belt to me.

My apologies you are correct . Sorry I was wearing it. But the reasons I didn’t add it in the final build is that

  1. That would have made 5 uniques in one build.

  2. The affixes that you need are better with wearing the other uniques if you were to wear is maybe to supplement till you can get a perfectly crafted one.

Also shrouding is how we get about dodge cap.

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I’m not very into Acolythe classes but what skill you use realy hits? If I missed something I’m sorry :D.

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wandering spirits putrescence dartshits

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That’s the one I know of :slight_smile: but is this realy enough for all the one hit stuff mentioned in the guide? To be fair 260k ticks are realy good but somehow it just looks like all on hit stuff is wasted but what do I know when it comes to Acolythes ^^.

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The frequency and the amount you get are enough plus the Spirit plague applies stacks of poisons on top of those.

Yeah was just asking because the plaguebearer works on hit afaik, the leech from your idols is on hit and so on and so forth. If the Wandering spirits are enough as you say everything is fine. Need to play my Acolythe a bit more as it seems but I’m waiting for the rogue because I overdid LE a bit for my taste ^^.

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