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250k DPS Poison Mage

enjoy :slight_smile:

The post appears to be missing something…not sure what though. :thinking:

Oh, I got it! :sweat_smile:


Whats its survivability? Imagine they throw some reflect damage on that training dummy

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I’m sure @Bankaikiller will answer your question. I was just adding his video to his post, only because I noticed he forgot. But yeah, any reflect damage would probably be devastating haha.

Intrigued to know what waves this build gets to and also the passives

made it glass cannon AF just for dummy damage test purposes, never tested higher then mono 40 with it, but you can fill in what type of defenses you want, and just lower the damage to a more reasonable amount in comparison to how much survivability you need.

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Mono 40 oh nice.

Maybe poison damage (or the staves) will nerf. :scream:
But this high damage is amazing !! :heart_eyes:

i dont have static skill on my mage.
How to get it?

It’s a skill from the Spellblade tree that requires 20 points in Spellblade.

incoming update.

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308,484 -> 235,054 -> 158,851 -> 77,995

Them poison ticks be like Tick, Tick, Tick, BOOM (only in reverse :grinning:)

updating dps push later tonight, build was significantly buffed. updated build. this time dropping metoer, and adding volcanic orb, and ice barrage in the mix

@boardman21 this as close as I can get to your lich :smiley:

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