25% damage lost

I dropped a unique chest and I decided to try it out so I move around a few pieces to recoup the resistances but it wasn’t quite a good change so I decided to go back to my old gear.

Once I put it back on, though, I tested my DPS and went from 27-30k per tick, to 22-25k.

I’ve been looking at my gear for hours now and I can’t understand why this happened, is there some kind of log that shows the gear changes?

No there is no log. It’s possible you removed an item that had +1 to a skill and you lose a passive.

It’s actually the opposite: it’s the unique I used that gave me more skill points, yet I was doing more damage with less points.

We would need some more details to help you. What was the Item that was replaced? What is the unique?

The Unique is called Unstable Core.

I used it to replace my chest that gave 100% fire damage with the unique that gave 94% elemental damage + 3 passive points.

My build is a DoT one and I rely on the numbers from the dummies at the arena, not the ones on the tooltips.

Extra skill points really do only help with damage if you spent them on damage.

What was the Base Type of the repalced item? Mage has a couple of Base Body Armours that grant a lot of damage on top of the affixes that are on it.

Also Unstable Core’s main “thing” is the Unique affix with the 6 times in succession cast.
All the otehr stats on the unique are very generic and don’t necessarily give you a lot of damage. So a very well crafted Rare or Exalted might be better, depending on how you play.

That’s not the issue, the issue is that I have put all my old gear back on and I deal less damage than I used to with that same gear.

I was wondering if a log existed so I could make sure I really put everything back correctly.

Oh sorry, then I missunderstood.

My best guess really is the skill point distribution. Unstable Core gives 3 skill points if your nova is tri-element.

Did you change some idols to fix passives? Or was it just gear?

I did change idols, but They should also be back to what they used to be.

Well, I think there’s some kind of bug in the damage calculations because today I started the game and I got the damage as it used to be and I tried switching a few pieces to make it lower but I can’t reach the 25% lower it had yesterday.

I even tried taking out some idols yet I can’t get as low.

maybe you choose to hit a diffrent dummy when the damage was lower? iirc there are diffrent dummy types, some cont as enemy, some not, some are bosses etc. the ones which count as enemies have damage reduction from the area level, which could explain that huge difference.

Yes, I know about that because I made that mistake a few days ago, but that’s the “boss” dummy and the damage it takes is way lower than 25%.