2 Runes of ascendance being used

My character has been using 2 runes of ascendance every other time to upgrade something to unique

Not sure if it’s because I’m in circle of fortune and the 2nd rank rewards is bugged or what… but I want my 3 runes of ascendance back.

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Same just happened to me, also using circle of fortune and after I upgraded a shield with rune of ascendance, I noticed I had consumed 2 of them. It also happen sometimes with runes of shattering, unclear what exactly is causing the issue.

Edit: I’ll try to record it next time I use a rune of ascendance

Update: Tried on 2 different shields and each only consumed a single rune of ascendance so far. Though it does also consume a glyph if a glyph is currently selected. I know it used to be a thing in beta when using rune of shattering and now they are greyed out, but it’s still the possible for runes of ascendance o7

Update: I used a rune of ascendance to upgrade a shield and it consumed the rune normally. I then closed the crafting menu, opened my inventory and opened the crafting material tab to check and it gave me back my rune. while crafting it showed it was consumed normally, went from 5 to 4 and then saw I still had 5 available. The 45% chance to preserve the rune isn’t shown like a glyph of home would, it just silently gives it back to you.

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Confirming that Rune of Ascendance is being used multiple times.

I have experienced this bug.

I had two runes of ascendance and one dagger. I clicked once to ascend the dagger and two runes were used. I’ll record a video of this behavior the next time I have more runes.

Seems to be a UX Problem with how certain UI elements react with each other. When having multiple runes of the same type, you select the rune to add to the forge, which already lowers the total count in your crafting stash by 1. You then use the rune in the craft, which lowers it by another one. Now you check how many runes you have inside the Forge and it appears to have gone down by 2. But since you still have another rune ready in the forge, this is your missing rune. Just switch over to another rune or clear the selected rune from the forge and your missing rune will “reappear”.

Id call this a UX misdesign. I also felt a bit stumped when it first happened to me. Not a bug though.

Just adding that this has happened for me this morning while trying to roll a 2H bladed staff. Went from 5 to 3.